Winter Classes begin Jan 9th Registration will open November 30th and can be found under the CanSkate Tab 

Endorsed by Hockey Canada as the National Learn to Skate program, Hockey CanSkate is a fun, energetic skating program developed by skating experts at Skate Canada geared to hockey and ringette skaters.  Skaters will learn effective stride technique as well as stopping, turning, edges and crosscuts.  Skaters will do a warm-up led by a coach with high-energy music, rotate through 3 technique-driven teaching stations as well as a fun zone and finish with a full ice group activity and cool down.

Figure skaters are becoming the coaches to the pros because of their strong technique background.  We go beyond pure straight-line speed to develop efficiency of stride, agility in turns and strong backwards skills.  Why backwards? Because defense depend  on strong backwards skills and the forwards need options in game situations.  Great players can react and adapt quickly to changing game conditions and rise to the challenge.  Most hockey players' effectiveness decreases when they have to turn or change directions and their speed and agility decreases when traveling backwards.  Your skater will be taught by Skate Canada NCCP certified Professional Coaches who have additional training in CanPowerSkate.

Skates , Gloves and Helmets are required.  Hockey/ringette equipment is optional.  Sticks may be used when the coach determines skaters are ready and/or for the FunZone but are not required.

Prerequisite: Completed PreCanSkate skills (getting up unaided, moving forward and backward, making snow)

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Hockey CanSkate 

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