Welcome to Intermediate STARSkate at EGSC

Intermediate skaters will continue their development in all disciplines  (freeskate, skills and dance) as well as participating in Star events throughout the season.

Intermediate skaters will begin to develop training skills and practice habits that allow them to work on a session without direct coaching.

This year they will have several “small group/semi private” coached lessons in each discipline to allow more refinement and development of skills.  This is included in your Intermediate fee.

Skaters will also have segments of free time when they will be expected to work on their elements and organize their session.  To ensure everything is being trained each day the skater should try to follow these steps:

  1. Warm up 
  2. Drills  
  3. Jumps  
  4. Solo work  
  5. Spins
  6. Skills/Dance  
  7. Field moves/cool down

Private Coaching/Base Coach:

Skaters can make  good progress without private lessons with the format that we have designed. At some point however, most skaters benefit from some 1:1 coaching.  Parents can make their own arrangements with a coach of their choice for private lessons.  The “Base Coach” is seen as the first coach you engage for private lessons and is generally the freeskate coach and is seen as the “manager” of the coaching team. Coaches contact information and bios/areas of expertise are published on our website and you should take into consideration which coach(es) connect well with your skater.

Remember that if you choose not to have a base coach at this time your skater will remain the responsibility of the program director and we will ensure they are well taken care of!

The Intermediate program is recommended as 3 day program. Skaters are given the option to choose a 2 day program recognizing that the progression will come slower than a 3 day program.

Session days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – see the Intermediate Session details for exact times.

Skaters also have the option to choose the new On Ice Jump Technique session on Saturday mornings.


Should you have any questions or concerns please contact  programdirector@egskatingclub.com

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