NEW ! Adaptive CanSkate Program for Children with Special Needs

Designed for skaters with unique physical and/or developmental needs, EGSC is happy to introduce our Adaptive program.  Our goal is to include every child who wants to learn to skate!  Our NCCP certified coaches and program assistants have received special training from Skate Canada and from special education teachers in our area to help give us tools and strategies to create individualized plans that will work for each skater with physical or developmental exceptionalities.

Potential skaters and a parent/guardian/caregiver will meet a coach prior to the first session to discuss the best approach for each skater.  Support members who can skate may be a valuable on-ice presence for the skater and we will work to develop a team approach that works best to encourage success on the ice!

With lower skater:coach ratios and an individual approach, we aim to integrate skaters into our mainstream CanSkate program as soon as they are ready.

If you know of a child who might be interested in learning how to skate but previously has not had success on the ice, let us know!

for more information:  

Adaptive CanSkate 

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