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I WANT MY SKATER TO PROGRESS QUICKLY! We offer multiple sessions per week and your child will progress much faster if they enrol in multiple sessions.  EGSC has special pricing for multiple day registration so it is economical to skate more! Please Contact Us for pricing for multiple day Pre-CanSkate sessions.

QUESTIONS?  Contact our Skating Programs Director


For  Beginners 

PreCanSkate is NOT a parent and tot program

Learn to Skate ages 3-8 

PreCanSkate is Skate Canada's Flagship learn-to-skate program designed for those who have never skated before or who need to learn to balance and begin to move on the ice. In their fun 30 minute session, skaters will learn to balance and move forward, to move backward and stop, to stride, jump & turn. Professional, NCCP certified coaches assisted by trained, volunteer Program Assistants use fun music, brightly coloured teaching aids, hockey sticks, bubbles, games and hoola hoops to motivate and inspire skating! Skaters earn ribbons and other incentives as they learn fundamental skating skills. Our coach:student ratio on PreCanSkate is a maximum of 1:8.

What should my skater wear to PreCanSkate? All participants are required to wear a CSA approved hockey helmet (cage optional).  We suggest mittens, splash or snow pants, and layers with a warm sweater or coat.

What about skates? The most important piece of equipment are your skates! Look for good ankle support and the correct fit.  Hockey skates are great beginning skates.  Figure skates (used or new) from a reputable skating store (ie. Figure Skating Boutique ) will have good support, also the "Jackson" brand at Canadian Tire is a good option for CanSkaters wanting a figure skate. Keep in mind that the toe pick should never be shaved off. Avoid skates from local hardware stores and we do not recommend the “ski boot” type of skate because the latches open when kids fall, and they do not allow for the bending of ankles needed for developing power and speed.  Adjustable sized skates are not recommended as they make balancing very difficult and frustrating for skaters. EGSC coaches have experience fitting skates, so feel free to ask us for an assessment.

Be sure to SHARPEN your skates before using them!  Or your child will slip and fall like Bambi!